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Monday-morning quarterbacking by an opinionated tamale maker. A few letters to the editors; the first is about President Reagan: A legacy for the ages. Italics are mine.


How sad there may never be another Ronald Reagan pass our way again. A man of whom honor, dignity, principle, and character were a way of life. Reagan was a man whose country was always foremost on his mind. He never bowed to any dictator, or apologized for his country.

America was a super power, not a weakling begging for a handout. Reagan, upon election was handed a country in shambles. The misery index was more than the combination of inflation and unemployment. It was the condition and mood of the country. But Reagan never wasted time blaming his predecessor. He didn’t need a scapegoat. He was secure in his experience, his ability, his cabinet, and the expertise that surrounded him.

Reagan never conducted the business of the country to benefit one group of people at the expense of another. He believed all people should have an opportunity to succeed. He never used the government for an unending paycheck to create a mindset of dependence and entitlement. He stimulated the country to hire. He restructured portions of the tax code and lowered corporate taxes.

Reagan never thought government created anything. He was an advocate of small government and understood the confines of the Constitution to limit government power and control. He always believed in the people’s rights and personal choices. He welcomed opposing views, recognizing that debates were a mainstay of a democracy. He always maintained his presidential dignity, understanding the difference between vile rhetoric and a civil conversation.

And never in his lifetime would Ronald Reagan ever have uttered the words “We are just five days away from fundamental transformation of America.” Instead he said “Government is not a solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” (Judith Osha – Indiana)

There are Ron Reagans’ amidst in our country but the socialist/communist controlled media and communist-led teachers’ unions denigrate and destroy anyone who threatens their communistic system by brainwashing and propaganda. This government that used to belong to us and the communist-dominated editorial boards of newspapers has become enemy of the American people. As long as the International Bankers (Inventors of communism) control America’s monetary system (they own the Federal Reserve) our country’s future of freedom and liberty are in jeopardy. Witness how the media will report negatively for the next two years against the GOP and promote the front-runner of the Communist Party (aka the former Democratic Party).


In 1896, my grandmother was a 13-year-old Irish worker (house cleaner) in Johnston, Pennsylvania, working for a prominent businessman. One day when his wife and children were away, the man raped her. My brothers and I were never told the story until the day of my father’s funeral in 1959; I was 29 years old.

The man who had raped my grandmother wanted to “do away with the child” (meaning an abortion which, of course, was illegal at the time). My grandmother ran away, and after a bout a year, she was found working in a hospital in Philadelphia, where my mother was born.

My mother died in 1964. She had a very happy and meaningful life with my father. Together, they had four children – my three brothers and I. Two of my brothers served in the Navy during WW2. My eldest brother participated in the D-Day Invasion in Normandy. My third brother served in the Navy during the Korean was. Among us, we have 22 children, including my five children, who were all adopted. There are also 21 grandchildren, and 52 great grandchildren.

Obviously, if my grandmother had been aborted, none of us would be alive – none of us could have made any contribution to society. All life is precious, even the product of rape. I have been active in the pro-life movement since 1973, when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. When those who support abortion ask “what do you pro-lifers do once an unwanted child is born?” I can point to the five children my husband and I adopted. My life and the lives of my whole family are a testament to the sanctity of life. (Florence Bischof – Florida)

In my opinion (right or wrong in the eyes of others) is that the “activist court” is the one who legalized abortion just as “they” legalized campaign money as “free speech.” Abortion, health, and education are not the federal government’s business. These three that have become federal law are not enumerated powers assigned to Congress by your Constitution. Your Constitution’s 9th and 10th Amendments were including in the Bill of Rights for States’ to decide what to do when issues arose not covered by the enumerated powers.

The Supreme Court should have ruled Roe v. Wade unconstitutional because of this. But because “democracy,” (mob rule) the worse system which invariably winds up being communism (like today in America). America today aborts thousands which many call infanticide. There have been over 50 million American babies aborted since then and millions more in the future will be sacrificed in the name of “Democracy.” Keep voting for Democrats and millions more American babies will be aborted.

My personal experience with abortion came about like this: My only born might not have been, had not her future mother and my wife-to-be came to me seeking support as to what to do. She had been coaxed to abort by her friends. “Jump off the kitchen table.” “Drink turpentine.” “Use a hangar.” . . . And several other horrible suggestions. I was just as ignorant as many, but my heart eased my troubled mind – I told her no, we shall see this together. A little girl was born, educated herself, retired as a corporate bank officer. She married a successful lawyer with two college educated sons.

My “little girl” gave me a grandson, a college graduate and now a banking career. I thank my lucky stars her mother came to me and avoided drinking turpentine. Of all my happy moments in life nothing gives greater satisfaction as when my “little girl” says (even though she is 53) “I love you daddy.” As for me had I been aborted I never would have contributed to helping my country remain strong by enlisting in the Navy for four years and being the best chip paint-scraper in the Navy. I love you America.

My quote of the day: Want to be loved by a woman – love her kids.






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