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IGNORANCE? I don’t know what distracted me from finishing this article already posted, but I think it’s interesting enough to do the whole thing over. Written by Dr. Adrian H. Krieg.

Deception can only be forced on an individual if he was deceived in his education, being programmed to uncritically accept or analyze what is conveyed to him. It requires two parties to succeed in this endeavor. First is the state (government) and secondly the citizens’ acceptance of the lies of the state, often because they are unable to recognize them.

While this may appear to be difficult for the state to do, it is in fact very simple. Since the federal government has taken over the education of American children, (10th plank Communist Manifesto) student competency beginning in 1980 has fallen from number four in the world to well down the list, depending on the subject. (We’re #1 in the world in food stamp disbursement. Got to keep stomachs full to prevent an uprising)

American society has been dumbed down so that Americans will accept the lies and deceptions of the power structure. The most basic change has been the elimination of teaching how to think, how to reason, and how to solve problems, replaced by repetitive indoctrination of government accepted and taught lies. It is “education” by rote. This is most obviously seen in the simplistic bumper sticker type slogans and phrases now reflecting the national mindset.

“You are either for us or against us” (Bush Jr.) no thought required. “Hope” is another along with “Change” and “Forward.” These particularly insipid words mean nothing by themselves, which is of course the exact reason why Lenin and then Obama used them.

The entire process of deception is to indoctrinate the listener into acceptance of the lies being provided. This would not be possible if the listener applied proper logic and analytical thought processes. In the absence of having been educated in reasoning, thinking and solving problems and issues, the desired political indoctrination is all but a done deal.

Education controlled by government and communist led Unions forever attack charter schools and home-schooling. They don’t want kids learning properly. Common Core has been in the news lately. This program gives government more control of education.

Consider now the change in the way the younger generation looks at the United States. Some of the older generation still remembers America as a Constitutional Republic; we knew that it began as a Confederation and gradually over a decade came to be the Constitutional Republic we so loved. But a Constitutional Republic does not fit in with the New World Order that is now upon us.

The difference is huge. In a Constitutional Republic there is a social and legal anchor, which in our case is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These instruments of law and natural rights tie the government as well as the citizenry to a known set of rules, which, like the Ten Commandments are not negotiable. (Hippies 11th Commandment – Thou shall not cut grass – smoke it!)

A democracy – a now holy word that Americans are told over and over again they live in – is mob rule, more accurately a top-down directed society in which the votes of the underclass (moochers) cancels out the votes of the ever-shrinking productive class.

There is no anchor and this is then the second point of change, which is the ludicrous pronouncement by the Supreme Court that the Constitution is a “living document” which judges can at their discretion interpret as they see fit. This is not governance, it is mayhem.

The enactment of the American Patriot Act along with the passage of the equally noxious NDAA has in fact destroyed the rights in the U.S. enjoyed by English speaking society since the 12th century. Habeas corpus was enacted in the Magna Carta in 1215; it granted every accused the legal right to challenge his accuser, be represented by council, and to cross-examine any witness presented by the state. (Abe Lincoln suspended Habeas corpus during the war and thousands suffered, and died)

The so-called Patriot Act eliminates those rights and the NDAA obliterates the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits the government from using military domestically against its own population.

The Posse Comitatus Act was enacted because of the gross military crimes that occurred during Reconstruction. It’s difficult to understand how Congress passed these laws with a near 99% majority. Are all our legislators’ deaf, dumb and blind or are they simply getting along to be re-elected by the special interests that finance and direct them? The passage of these two laws makes America a dictatorship of the executive branch of the federal government.

Remember what I’ve said – No Act contrary to the Constitution can become law. (The Posse Comitatus Act was repealed by Bush 2 in 2006) and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was signed into law by Obama in 2013. One has to wonder why Bush would sign to repeal the Comitatus Act. Perhaps this was done to allow the militarization of local governments which is happening today. There are many provisions in both the NDAA and the Patriot Act that are unconstitutional . . . and this is what ‘democracy” has wrought – mob rule. We have a criminal government because of “Ignorance and Deception.”

Deception has many faces and the most common ones are government statistics issued by the alphabet soup of bureaucratic agencies. The deception of unemployment is the presently produced Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) claim of a 5.8% rate of unemployment. What they don’t tell is that this is the U-3 statistic and that the U-6 statistic used eight years ago today would deliver a 13% unemployment rate.

But this is also wrong because it does not count the dramatic, mostly involuntary change from full-time to part-time work by many Americans. When those no longer getting unemployment checks and those no longer looking for work are also counted, the real unemployment rate is around 24 percent.

Another deception from BLS concerns inflation, which BLS reports as 1.7% for 2014. How is that possible when every consumer knows that fuel prices, food, and everything else is skyrocketing? Fuel, which has seen a rise of over 100% in the last seven years, has been removed from the BLS calculation, and methods for calculating food and housing have been changed. The real inflation rate for 2014 has been around 7%, a number that has been constant for the last six years. Also, taxes and government fees and licenses are not counted when the government calculates its deceptive inflation rate.

One cannot address deception without considering the corporate, “lame-stream” media. Of course the media goes far beyond deception into wholesale fraud. The media acts in concert with the government and the government schools in disseminating the accepted lies and deception.

It creates a semi-totalitarian system of thought control. (Political Correctness – a Communist invention) Fortunately the alternative media exists and has grown in recent years thanks mainly to the Internet (Includes me – yippee!), but its overall influence is still small as most Americans remain ignorant and apathetic.

But very difficult circumstances in the near future may force genuine “change” in the days ahead, rather than the government-approved “change” that has been foisted on Americans for generations. (The end)

This ignorance gave us the first communist president. The powers in control knew of Obama’s past and kept his sordid communist relations out of the news. Most of America’s neighbors are socialists and/or communists, now we’ll have Cuba as a partner. We’re being surrounded by communist countries just as many commie leaders had predicted.

If you took time to peruse the Constitution you will find laws still there but not in practice any longer. The reason they are there is because NO ONE can change the Constitution via any Acts or Statutes but that’s what criminals in the three branches of government have done: Altered our Constitution by bullshitting the nation that it’s all right to do this by passing illegal Acts, Statutes, and Executive Orders. The Patriot Act is a crime against the Constitution . . . And so is Obama’s Affordable Care Act approved by every asshole Democrat in Congress but not one Republican.

Your U.S. Constitution remains intact no matter what communists say. It just sits there, collecting dust, waiting for you to demand obedience to it by criminals in government.

Remember, “Free public education” is the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto. This is how America has been reduced to ignorance. And people have no clue. We must wrest control of education from the federal government and the communist teachers unions. I love you America.

Quote of the day: “If poverty is the mother of all crimes, lack of intelligence is their father.” (Labruyere)




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