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When tax rebels were raising hell several years ago against the IRS and federal judges, periodically they would have their own mini-conventions just like the criminal two-party system beholden to the elite. Most leaders of the Freedom Movement would attend. Many suffered, destroyed, and incarcerated because government would use its power (4th plank Communist Manifesto) against anyone threatening the illegal system of the International Bankers, (owners of the Federal Reserve – 5th plank of Manifesto) and carried out by criminals in Congress and White House. And so it is today. We are economic slaves; the bankers have enslaved the world.

The following was posted in 1993 by a newspaper (Justice Times) not in print any more. It was like a Bible to freedom loving Americans. It kept them informed of atrocities committed by government. It educated them to the laws of the U.S. Constitution. Many of its articles are posted in the beginning of this tamale blog. This was written by Mark Kernes. It doesn’t say where he was from.


“I just want to ask, if anyone in this room that doesn’t love America, I want you to leave and your money will be refunded.” No one did, of course; not even the two IRS agents standing at the back of the hall, observing the nearly 1,000 patriots who had gathered to hear author Tupper F. Saussy, (“The Miracle on Main Street” – Amazon, may still be in print. A must read) famous tax protestor Bob Graham, and Irv Homer, outspoken radio personality and staunch supporter of the Constitution through his daily program on WWDB in Philadelphia. In fact, it was certain that many members of the audience had come specifically to hear Irv read the letter his station’s owner had received from the IRS, attempting to silence public discussion of the tax issue.

Irv first introduced Tupper, who proceeded to give the group some background on his research on the money issue. The audience learned one of the primary reasons for convening a constitutional convention was to do something about the rampant inflation of the “Continental,” a fiat paper currency issued by the Continental Congress, which, by 1781, was totally irredeemable in gold and silver. . . . And that the Federal Reserve Bank system is in the same fix today.

Tupper told of his study of Roger Sherman, a Connecticut businessman and the primary author of Art. 1 Sec. 10 of the Constitution, whereby states are prohibited from making anything other than gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts. Later, Tupper said, “No wonder we have confusion . . . Our money is confused.” Tupper is convinced that if Sherman had not managed to get those words into the Constitution,” . . . we’d have just been one banana republic after another.”

In his book, Tupper explains how the money issue was settled by the Founding Fathers. Unfortunately, criminals in Congress inserted a clause allowing the U.S. government to be able to borrow money. But what wasn’t approved was allowing someone else to operate the monetary system. This and the separation of powers were of big concern to the Founding Fathers – both have been subverted. You must get the book. You’ll find it very informative and interesting.

Tupper also told of how he came to write The Miracle on Main Street: He was inspired by receiving a speeding ticket and failing to convince a judge that it couldn’t be paid in Federal Reserve notes. He spent a year looking into the basis of our monetary system and how it had changed and been perverted.

He then showed his work to the judge who had convicted him, who admitted, “You’re absolutely right.” It was this admission that inspired Tupper to write his book, and also to arrange for the reprinting of Sherman’s book, A Caveat Against Injustice (of which only 2 copies exist in the world) and Bancroft’s A Plea For The Constitution.

Tupper turned the show over to Bob Graham, who explained the reasons behind the growth of the tax movement: People are getting more and more concerned about the heritage they will leave for their children and grandchildren. Will it be freedom or slavery? He said, “We can’t have honest government with dishonest money.” He also made it clear that, “People have rights; governments have limitations,” and, “If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.”

The dumbing-down of America is precisely why Communists took control of education while we were watching cartoons. 90% of people have never read the Constitution and don’t understand how government is supposed to function. This is why criminals in Congress and White House do what they want and people remain oblivious.

I have said the best thing to happen in years is Pinocchio’s election. As a result, people are beginning to learn about the Constitution – especially of courts, separation of powers, and the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Perhaps one of the most important points Bob made was that as of February 15th, 1983, the government had officially lost its ability to prosecute him for having filed his first “5th Amendment” tax return, back in 1975. This will also make it more difficult for them even to attempt to put him on trial for later years’ filings.

Bob also talked about the money issue. He remembered how his father bought a new Chevy for $800 many years ago . . . and how anyone can still buy a new Chevy for the same $800 . . . as long as it’s in silver!

He told how the Federal Reserve Notes are printed by the Mint and the Fed Reserve pays only about two cents apiece regardless whether it’s one or a thousand dollar bill. Yet, collects much more for them when the Fed “sells” the bills to banks; “Great work if you can get it.” He also noted that if FRNs were actually as good as gold or silver, the Fed could just print up as many of them as it wanted and pay off the national debt, thereby doing away with the “need” for an income tax. “The only reason you have an income tax is to control consumption.” (And people)

Then last speaker was Irv Homer, who talked about his long career in radio, leading up to his current spot on WWDB. He told of how he had once run for Vice President of the United States on a friend’s ticket, and when he spoke before various civic organizations, he would always tell them everything he was going to say to them was a lie, and he would then proceed to promise them anything they wanted to hear.By this method, he got on the ballot in two states. But, he noted, “The real revolutionaries are in Washington.”

Irv told of how he used to get a call from the IRS every year, asking if they could send a “tax expert” to his show to help people fill out their tax returns; yet when the “nice young man” arrived, he would have to look up the answer to each listener’s question.

Finally, the IRS sent its local chief auditor to the show, but Irv had the bad taste to ask him, “The General Accounting Office says that 17% of the answers the IRS gives to questions are wrong.

Does that mean that 17% of the answers you’re going to give are wrong? And if so, what are you going to do about it?” The IRS never asked to send another agent to his show to “help” the people. Nonetheless, Irv continued to talk about taxes, becoming more and more informed of citizens’ right as the years passed.

When Congress passes legislation they allow Department heads to add their own rules and regulations just as Kathleen Sibelius is doing with health legislation. The tax rebels of yesterday would fight the IRS in court about their illegal rules and regulations. Because of the commitment and dedication of tax rebels numerous tax rules and regulations were eliminated.

All that time the media and Communists were attacking them and much of the public were brainwashed into believing rebels were “extremists.” The Tea Party is experiencing the same thing. The Communists are in control and are poisoning the minds of people, again.

Finally, on November 15 1982, the Philadelphia District Director of the IRS sent Irv’s boss a letter, suggesting unpleasant consequences if Irv were allowed to continue talking about taxes and the tax movement on the air. Irv was summoned to the owner’s office and told to “cool it,” so now Irv can only talk about taxes if one of his listeners calls up and asks about it, which they do nearly every day.

Interestingly, Irv has another letter which was written to a friend of his, from the same District Director that wrote to WWDB, saying that the IRS has no desire to stop anyone from discussing taxes, and probably wouldn’t be successful if it tried.


There are issues the media keeps from people. This is why they didn’t report Obama’s communist past and never print lies by the president. We have a double-standard; the communist media rarely questions Democrats – but always goes after Republicans. Another thing the media does is splash tax stories on the front pages of their papers of famous people if and when they have problems with the IRS. It is a tactic to scare citizens further . . . as if to say, even Jesus Christ has to pay taxes.

Well, there have been several court cases that tax rebels have beaten the IRS in courtrooms. These were rare because normally judges will not allow jurors to listen to all the truth but some rebels got lucky and a jury that was allowed to hear the truth acquitted them. You’ll never see that in print. Look up the 5th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Believe me when I tell you the 5th Amendment is not only for crooks like an Al Capone and Lois Lerner of the IRS.

It states that you cannot be compelled by government to be a witness against yourself and that’s what happens when you sign IRS tax forms – you wave that right. But you have to understand what you are doing. You just can’t plead the 5th and not explain what you mean. Google the name Irwin Schiff, he offers a lot of pertinent information. It is this type of information many went to jail for sharing with people. I wouldn’t mind making tamales in prison . . . continuing with the article.

A question-and-answer session followed the talks, during which Bob talked about his suit to have the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, which is supposed to raise $98 billion in taxes over 3 years, declared unconstitutional because it originated in the Senate, in violation of Art. 1, Sec. 7. His brief opposition to the government’s motions to dismiss is considered a masterpiece by knowledgeable patriots.

Tupper also wanted to make it clear that he does not favor the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank, nor a change in the government’s monetary policies; it’s just that if Congress were to return to coining lawful money, the Fed would wither away without any help from us, and the country would be back on a sound financial footing. (End of Article)

I met several of these outstanding citizens, no finer bunch of law-abiding people I ever met. Tea Party people are the same type. Witness how orderly and clean they are when they have rallies as compared to the rioting and looting by mobs of blacks and dumb whites. THROW OUT AS MANY INCUMBENTS IN 2016 – NO MAS! They are supporting this rotten system called democracy – mob rule.

Quote of the day: “One question that people always ask at home is never asked here: What happened to communism in Russia? Everybody yawns when a visitor brings it up; because the answer is so obvious to every Russian. The answer is that there never was communism in Russia: There were only Communists.” (Art Koestler – author)

How true. Out of 300 million plus people in our country how many hard core communists do you think are in government? Not many, and yet they control government and millions of government workers just like in other communist countries. Get out of debt and arm yourselves because the phony office holder in the “Black House” is fomenting racial violence supported by his stooge Eric Holder – a white-hater.

Can you imagine having Al Sharpton, as a regular visitor to the Black House to be the president’s spokesperson in race relations? He owes America $4.5 million dollars in back taxes and a TV network rewards him with his own television program? You pandering bastards! Why don’t you take a walk through the streets of Chicago and find out before long whether you’ll live or die you stupid sons of bitches. I love you America.

Another quote: ”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” (MLK)

These words have become shallow. Black leadership in America is hypocritical and embarrassing. Go to hell Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, the Black/Brown caucuses in Congress, and the NAACP. You people have gotten rich off the system you attack every day. Chances are some of you were saved from starving with food purchased by food stamps. I respect Louis Farrakhan because he is not a tax-payer moocher like the rest of you.

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