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Two articles this morning.

We have thousands of people, groups, organizations, billionaires, radical blacks and Latinos, communist Jews in Hollywood, and they all have one thing in common – they hate America, the Constitution, and the white race. And yet, they have the audacity to call Tea Party people and a tamale maker like yours truly as “extreme.”

What do you call people who support the most corrupt White House in American history? . . . The most inept occupant of the white House? Who supports a radical who has destroyed race relations between black and whites? Never mind the decades of trying to please minorities with trillions (17) of taxpayer monies spent keeping millions fed and clothed. And I am an extremist? – go to hell you bastards! And of course, that goes for all the communist-leaning sympathizers in academia and networks.

In articles I select, the words “progressive” “Leftist” “Left-of-Center” “Hard-left” that appear, substitute them with the words “communism” or “Communist.” Many writers on the right will refrain from using that word because of political correctness and will be attacked by the communist in our society. Today’s article is by Matt Barber for the Washington Times. (2011 – Old news is good news – sometimes)


To the modern Democratic National Committee, the mainstream media and other “progressive” outfits such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law center (SPLC), the words “patriot” and “patriotism” have become synonymous with “right-wing extremism.” (Both are run by Communists)

It’s little wonder why. Context is everything. When your point of view originates from so far out in the leftosphere that it takes the Hubble Space Telescope to spot the center of our political universe, Mom, Gog and apple pie tend to look like fiery comets hurling toward your bugged-out, bohemian planetoid.

Exhibit A? Liberal’s mouth-frothing hatred of the Tea Party and the constitutionalist principles for which it stands. Mark Potoc, Huffington Post columnist and spokes-weasel for the hard-left SPLC, sneeringly refers to the Tea Party as the “Patriot movement” and mendaciously warns that its supporters are “shot through with rich of veins of radical, ideas, conspiracy theories and racism.” Harrumph!

In a past article I’ve posted on my blog, it proves beyond doubt that it was Republicans throughout history that made the most to help Blacks. Many bills introduced in Congress by the GOP to help blacks would always be defeated by Democrats . . . black anti-lynching bills as an example. Most all atrocities against blacks were always by Democrats. Whenever film is shown about the system attacking blacks with hoses and dogs the communist press always leaves you with the impression it was done by Republicans . . . and we’re the extremists?

Divisive rhetoric is nothing new. John Edwards (Another sexual predator like Slick Willie) hit a recurring theme during his 2004 presidential bid: There are two Americas,” he would say, one for the “haves” and one for the “have-nots.” This, of course, was a simple sound-bite play of the left’s favorite trump card: class warfare.

Still, Mr. Edwards had it partly right. There are two Americas, but more than along economic lines, these two Americas are divided by competing and polarized world views. Interestingly, the America within which one lives might be best reflected by the parade one chooses to attend. A recent Harvard University study found that those who attend Fourth of July parades, for instance, are more likely to be, or to become, “right-wingers.”

“[T]here is a political congruence between the patriotism promoted on the Fourth of July and the values associated with the Republican Party,” wrote researchers in a paper headlined “Shaping the Nation: Estimating the Impact of Fourth of July Using a Natural Experiment.”

“Fourth of July celebrations in the United States shaped the nation’s landscape by forming beliefs and increasing participation, primarily in favor of the Republican Party,” they warned. Additionally, the researchers were “surprised” to find that “important childhood events can have a permanent impact on political beliefs and behavior” and that such patriotic events “socialize children into Republicans.”

How sad it is when Mexicans at sporting events boo and jeer whenever the National Anthem is played. This happened in California at the Coliseum in a soccer game. California is gone folks, the communist have won there and many other States are facing the same possibility.

Amnesty for millions will be the last nail in the coffin of my country. In the near future they’ll all be voting for the Communist Party – aka the Democratic Party and the GOP will be a party of the past. They may as well be there is no difference anymore.

This, of course, begs the question: If Fourth of July parades churn out little GOPers and embody the values of conservatism, what style of parade might spawn the young Democrats? What event best represents liberalism? Put another way: In the ongoing war for our culture, if Old Glory is the banner behind which conservatives do battle, what pennon do you suppose guides the proud left into combat? Rainbow flag, anyone? I think these Harvard Poindexters (Geeks) may be onto something.

Indeed, the “gay pride” parade, perhaps more than any other, best encapsulates the values embraced by today’s secular-progressive left. Think about it. It’s got it all: Obscenely expensive, tax-payer funded actions-without-consequences gaiety. Celebration of a caution-to-the-wind, enjoy-now-pay-later lifestyle. Men who act like women and women who look like men. Flamboyant narcissism, moral relativism and plenty of gyrating nude bodies.

Colorful public sex displays to forever confuse, desensitize and sexualize the kiddos. (Mustn’t forget: “Childhood events permanently impact beliefs and behavior.”) Lots of anti-Americanism. And a total absence of God. Oh, and much like the homosexual lobby’s No. 1 cheer-leader, President Barack “downgrade” Obama, the “gay pride” parade leaves nothing behind but a huge mess for the rest of us to clean up.

So which America do you live in? The one with public displays of patriotism or the one with public displays of perversion? The ones with lots of flag-waving or the one with lots of, well, whatever waving? As the Good Book says: “Pride cometh before the fall.” We’re falling. Can we get back up?

I don’t know, but for starters, we sure could use a lot less pride and a little more patriotism. More important, though, let’s take a lesson from those who came before us. I f we don’t turn back to God, our best days are done. (The end)

I remember in the early 1960s when communists began infiltrating all our institutions many homosexuals joined the clergy – hence the increase of perversion by priests against young children and how higher-ups in the church protected them by transferring them to other parishes. This crime against our faith has cost the church hundreds of millions in fines – alms that people faithfully gave. I wouldn’t even trust the Pope with children.

How can Americans put up a fight when no one seems to care anymore? Political correctness – a communist invention to keep people from speaking the truth has become a cancer in our society. It has made cowards in America and when the few that speak out are attacked where is the support? Many conservatives invited to colleges to speak are run off the stage by little bastards, (little communist Jew bastards, to be precise.) and the faculty, mostly socialist and communist, look the other way. We are at war, folks! Don’t be ashamed of your love for country. Be proud of your white heritage. Fight for what is right! I love you America.

I coined the following: “Give a gay an inch and he’ll suck a mile.”

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